Take Good Care of Yourself Under Stress

By Staff Writers of the USA Wellness Café™

It pays to protect your emotional and physical health in all situations. For example, work issues, family problems, and financial concerns may come barreling down on you all at once. You may not know whether to push harder, do less, or hide out for a week at the local karaoke bar!

Try these tips to get needed things accomplished, while looking after yourself:

  • Pick and Choose What to Focus On
    This might mean you’ll teach a training class at 10 a.m., review calls sheets for your EMS Department’s quality control from 1-3 p.m., pick up your kids at school, and buy groceries. Let minor things slide on days you’re really feeling stressed.
  • Take Slightly Longer Breaks, If Possible
    Sure, you’ll have to gear up for your 10 a.m. seminar, which may be important training for several new employees. Look over your materials an hour ahead of time and focus intently on doing a good job while you’re giving your presentation. Then, try to take a long break before doing anything major -- such as reviewing the quality of 911 calls.
  • Rest Before Bedtime
    Try to wind down before you turn in each night. Give your body and brain a stretch of calm, unstructured time. Read, listen to soft music, or just lie quietly and relax. Think of this as helping your patients -- especially if you’ll need to rise and respond to a call at 3 a.m.