Improve Your Home Life When Things are Rocky

By Staff Writers of the USA Wellness Café™

Most of us have stressful times when we wonder if our families will run away while we’re at work. Maybe we haven’t been overly attentive to our spouse or children. This torn feeling between work and home is painful.

To shore up the home life and keep your home fires burning, try some do-able, affordable tricks to ensure your family is taken care of. These tips can help:

  • Know the needs of home, even if you can’t meet them personally
    Then, look for ways to enlist help. For example, ask your sister and her husband to bring a movie to your house and watch it with your kids. Or, as a surprise, by your wife a massage at a local spa.
  • Lighten the mood at your house
    Clean up the kitchen and fix a big pot of soup. Then, ask everyone to sit down for a board game.
  • Have a family meeting every weekend
    Allow everyone to speak up about complaints, even if no solutions are available at the moment. Encourage honesty about what’s getting on everyone’s nerves. This diffuses tension.
  • Don’t make "people" the cause of problems
    It’s usually situations, not individuals, that cause stress and aggravation. Make it a game to invent solutions for every family problem . For example, if the house is a mess, hand out two, 10-minute chores to every person every day. Allow “chore catch-up” on weekends or days off from work.