Empower Your Co-Workers with Healthy Language

By Staff Writers of the USA Wellness Café™

We all need a verbal boost now and then. When your co-workers are depressed after a killer shift, for example, try speaking some encouraging words.

You’ll appear much more trustable to your boss and those under your supervision, if you use words wisely. The right words help to stabilize feelings and actions. By thinking about what you’ll say, you can manipulate emotions in a good way.

In our society, there are basically three types of people: those who think before they speak, those who speak without thinking at all, and those who think after they speak (often reflecting on what they said to someone).

People can tell if you are thoughtful and well-presented when you open your mouth. If you want to gain respect and have true workplace impact try these things:

  • Listen to Your Own Voice Tone
    It’s "how" you say something that makes those around you feel appreciated and empowered.
  • Tinge your speech with light-heartedness
    Even if you have to break bad news or crack the whip, let others know you’re not out to crush their good mood. Use a little humor here and there to help your co-workers stay grounded and sane.
  • Make large challenges seem do-able
    Yes, you may have a great many obstacles to work through at your place of work. You may have three new hires barely out of their teens who’ve flubbed some responsibilities. Or, several patients’ families might be complaining about services. Tell your co-workers, "Let’s stay calm and deal with one issue at a time. We’ll get back on track."