Avoid Becoming an Adrenalin Junkie

By Staff Writers of the USA Wellness Café™

Anything that gets some adrenalin pumping into our bloodstream can become addictive. Through a metabolism process, adrenalin gets sugar moving through a person’s system -- which will stimulate muscles and the brain.

Drinking coffee compulsively or arguing with your spouse or significant other can also trigger adrenalin. It’s a vicious cycle. When you start to bog down or get a little tired, you can reach for coffee (for the fourth time today) or needle someone to argue with you.

To learn how to calm down and enjoy a more relaxed state, consider these facts:

  • Your logical decisions are better when you’re calm
    When you’re feeling soothed and clear-headed, move forward in making a decision on choosing which house to buy, for example. Being wired on coffee can trigger a decision you’ll regret -- such as buying a house with a swimming pool that needs major repairs.
  • Your nervousness can wreck your mate’s nerves
    If you stay wired on chocolate, caffeine, or running too many EMS calls, your state of mind will impact others. Typically, it’s your intimate partner who will suffer the consequences of your bad feelings.
  • Some people avoid feeling calm because their "worst fears" surface If you’re clear-headed, you may start to feel anxious about your over-spending or lack of cash flow this month. However, the sooner you devise a solid plan to reverse a true problem, the better off you’ll become.
  • It’s easier to devise a “life plan of success” when you’re calm
    Get in the habit of sitting down when you’re relaxed in order to write down your long-term goals -- each supported by smaller goals you must achieve. This way, you’ll learn to feel more control over managing your life when you’re relaxed. You’ll begin to think of a hyped-up caffeine high, for example, as a distraction you don’t want or need.