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The following businesses and consulting firms provide products and services to empower America’s Healthcare systems. Each has a specific offering to save time, save money, help retain and train workers, create work/life balance, acquire business in the healthcare field and much more.

Saving Time

By Richard Burghgraef
Business Editor
USA Wellness Café

Mobile Makeover

John Cannon


Are you looking for new ways to save time? If so, Mobile Makeover experts can help. Their offerings include One-Touch Digital Marketing which provides technology solutions for both large corporations and small businesses.

Here’s how it works: By using digital one-touch, your techs can update several websites at once. A single click is all it takes to upload new content without delay. Your public information will be current, which is ideal for clients you serve and your employees. Working from a single screen for a few minutes each day, techs can enter desired updates for email marketing campaigns, a mobile website, and all Facebook and Twitter pages. One click moves everything in place instantly.

Cooling stress via saving time is a key workplace solution provided by Mobile Makeover. Hospitals, EMS Departments, and healthcare organizations who desire to review the possibilities can give John Cannon a call at 423.930.6543 or email: [email protected].

Saving Money

By Richard Burghgraef
Business Editor
USA Wellness Café

Ovation Wireless Management


19315 West Catawba Avenue
Suite 220
Cornelius, NC 28031

Healthcare budget problems and diverse financial issues typically arise in hospital meetings and planning sessions. EMS Departments must address money issues on an ongoing basis as well. Ask yourself, “Where could we spend significant money we’ve saved from trimming cell phone expenditures in our organization?” For example, could your hospital use new computers, give some raises to staff members, or pay for building upgrades with that cash?

Ovation Wireless Management, a nation-wide consulting firm, can evaluate your complete cell phone package plan. They will ensure you have all needed services, which you likely have in place now. But, they will negotiate with carriers to get current costs down. You pay nothing whatsoever out of pocket. Ovation receives payment from your savings only.

Your hospital network, business organization, EMS Department, or government agency can’t afford not to work with Ovation. These specialists will sit down with your managers to evaluate how they can get the ball rolling for you. By doing their business magic in a structured and unbiased way, Ovation consultants can often save a hospital or business 30% of current cell phone costs.

Get in touch with them for an initial conversation at: 866.207.2111

Leadership Development

By Richard Burghgraef
Business Editor
USA Wellness Café

Jeff Brunson

Office: 423.753.7809
Mobile: 423.794.9380

What are excellent leaders worth to your healthcare network? Leaders who empower, encourage and oversee the problems effectively take much of the pressure off any workplace. So they are always worth their weight in gold. Jeff Brunson can help your business or hospital system develop better leaders--with confidence to spare! His strategies to curtail burnout and career frustration will empower emergency responders with newfound energy as well!

Jeff is a speaker, teacher, author and one-on-one leadership coach. He has been part of the USA Wellness Café advisory team for 10 years. Hospital executives, department managers and HR directors can benefit from Jeff’s program of “Building Confident Leaders.” His work with VA Medical Centers and healthcare networks has morphed Jeff into a coach who fully comprehends your stress issues!

Clients may engage with Jeff on the phone (or in person) for private coaching sessions to navigate through challenging situations. Remember: the greater your responsibilities, the more isolated you may feel. For example, once you become the hospital CEO, it’s tough to openly share your stress issues in the hospital cafeteria! That’s where Jeff comes into play. Think of him as a sports coach for your career life. He will help you get in shape for the long haul and direct you in reaching personal goals as a leader.

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